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What is Sbang? Q&A with Farouk FPV

Sbang, the freshest genre of flow freestyle inspired by Juicy style, is quickly growing in popularity, yet polarizing many FPV freestyle fans. People generally seem to love it or hate it due to a belief that it doesn’t require much skill or that it’s too fast and nauseating. Others still have absolutely no idea that Sbang is a thing.

To find out exactly “What is Sbang?” and gain some clarity on what the style truly requires, we decided to hold a Q&A with one of the style’s originators. Farouk FPV is the French pilot who came up with the name and inspired many other pilots to dabble in Sbang with his fast-paced take on juicy freestyle.

The questions asked here were put forward by our social media followers specifically for Farouk FPV.

Check out one of Farouk FPV’s most recent freestyles to get a taste of what Sbang is all about:


What is Sbang and how is it different to other styles of freestyle?

Sbang style is similar to Juicy style, except it is faster and more aggressive. It has now become a community of pilots who love to push the limits of FPV freestyle. 

Where did the name “Sbang” come from?

The name Sbang came from a very simple story. I use so many onomatopoeiae when flying, like boom, bim, bam etc and I always say sbang when I make some very nice moves. So with the time, whenever we were going to fly, we’d say let’s go sbang today. When I was thinking of a name to describe my style of freestyle, the word “Sbang” seemed like the best name haha.

What made you start flying Sbang style, as opposed to other styles?

I started flying regular juice style, but eventually, I wanted to make my individual style. So, I worked hard in a sim to create this style. 


What is Sbang? Q&A with Farouk FPV
Sbang juicer (or Farouk FPV Freestyle Drone)

Who are some top Sbang style pilots to look out for?

Marius FPV is an expert at speed sbang. Also, Kastyh FPV, Paul DG (Digi FPV) and many other pilots are now doing some insane Sbang. 

Sbang freestyle is growing in popularity and the syle itself seems to be evolving. What do you see or hope for the future of Sbang?

In the future, I hope the Sbang community stays as friendly and welcoming as it is now. I am also very happy to see Sbang’s style evolving differently for every pilot so I hope it will become bigger and bigger. ????

What rates or tuning methods would you recommend for Sbang?


Of course, rates and tuning are especially important for this style. All my rates are posted in my group Juicy Sbang Sbang, and for tunning, I will also post something in the group.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to get into Sbanging?

For Sbanging, there really aren’t any secrets my friends. Trying hard on a sim and in real life sessions is key.

How did you get into FPV?

I’ve been flying for 3 years now, and I’ve known FPV for a long time, but Black Bird FPV videos made me really want to freestyle. 

How are you so good?


I practice a lot on sims. I now have around one thousand hours of sim time. I also work on my rates and I’m always searching for the latest and best gear. With love, anything really is possible.

Are there any tricks or techniques you are currently working on? 

Yeah, I am working on the Sbang tornado – it’s on one of my recent videos. It’s a trick that requires very weird throttle management. ????

Juicy Sbang Sbang Approved FPV Freestyle Image
Juicy Sbang Sbang Approved. You’ll often see this stamp on Sbang freestyle.

Does upgrading to CRSF right now make sense?

I started directly with CRSF, and for me, it is the best link with a quad, but I don’t test all the new stuff. 

Any general advice for beginners to FPV?

For all the new pilots, my advice is to trust yourselves. Never forget that the only key is trying hard, and if you really love it, you do you can become an insane pilot.

A big thanks to Farouk FPV for taking the time to answer our questions. Follow him on YouTube, and Instagram and join the Sbang Facebook group for more…

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