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Vespula FPV: Riffing on a gap | FPV Freestyle Tutorial

Vespula FPV (Christian M. Mollica) gives an in-depth FPV freestyle tutorial for “riffing on a gap”. He explains how best to approach and exit a gap and how to combine multiple gaps together. If you’re looking to improve your gap-hitting abilities, or improve your proximity, flow, or overall flying abilites, you’ll find something helpful in Vespula’s tutorial.

We pick a handful of gaps in the environment and hit them in a variety of ways. How do we approach? What tricks can we do? How do we exit and string multiple gaps together?

Vespula FPV

If you don’t know about Vespula FPV, he is the author/illustrator of the book¬†FPV Flight Dynamics: Mastering Acro Mode on High-Performance Drones – a useful guide for both new and experienced FPV pilots who want to improve their freestyle, cinematic or racing abilities and knowledge. The book has been recently released in digital format and is now live on Amazon Kindle and Apple books for $9.99.

Vespula FPV



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