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TRYP FPV: The Drone Race Simulator launches on Steam in Early Access

TRYP FPV: The Drone Race Simulator launches on Steam in Early Access today, offering an immersive FPV experience for pilots looking to improve their flying skills.

The simulator includes a number of features that will be of interest to both race pilots and those looking to capture amazing cinematic FPV footage. For race pilots, the simulator features a number of large maps, with challenges and multiplayer modes to be added in future.

For those looking to practice capturing epic FPV footage, the simulator includes the ability to track objects, such as racing cars, motorbikes, base jumpers and wingsuits, to practice making sure your target is always in frame. While we’ve seen things like drift cars added to other sims previously for cinematic practice, TRYP FPV is the first simulator to focus so heavily on the cinematic experience.

TRYP FPV: The Drone Race Simulator is available now in Early Access on Steam for just $11.19 and gives users the opportunity to provide feedback and suggestions on improvements they’d like to see.


The Sim’s developer UNDEAD BATTERY says the game is expected to be in early development until around the end of 2022, and they will continue to add more features based on community feedback, before and after its full release.

Here’s an announcement made by one of the game’s creators made in the Rotor Riot group on Facebook.

Hey everyone, I’m very happy to announce by this video trailer the launch on 30th June of a project I’ve been involved in since last year, a new drone simulator named : TRYP FPV : The Drone Racer Simulator.

Our commitment was to innovate and bring something very new and sophisticated into FPV simulators, so we’ve focused on those 3 main lines :

New Concept : The main feature of our game is the TRYP Mode with Challenges and Ready Scenarios. It gives you the opportunity to practice cinematic flight with real performers like Wingsuit, BaseJumper, Motorbiker, RaceCar… and a lot more to come.

Graphics Quality : 2nd point, we’ve designed our levels using custom & existing assets with scanned models to create 3 unique and realistics gigantics environments adapted to all styles of pilots. (Diving, Freestyle, Bando, Cinematic, Chill etc). More environments will come also.

Physics / Feel of Flight : This was the most important for us. We’ve integrated very precise thrust / airdrag / aerodynamics equations on the physics system and accurate sound designs from real props records to get a very realistic and pleasant feel of flight.

We have been testing it in beta since February and the physics has been polished until now with the help of 30 professional FPV pilots.

There are a lot of other features and modes like Race Mode with local ranking, Challenges system, Minimap, Flying by sight, Real drone Preset validated by frame / rotors conceptors, pilots etc.

As we are a very small team of 2 at full time, we decided to put the game in early access to ask for your support on this project, because we still have a lot of ideas to improve the game.

We are also developing for the next step a multiplayer system, new maps, new scenarios, new challenges, still improving physics and a lot of new features to come. Update will be recurrent.

The game is already playable and fun and if you like the concept and the potentiel, do not hesitate to support and follow us (link below). We’ll be ultra receptive to your feedback.

Let’s TRYP 🙂

TRYP FPV: The Drone Race simulator releases on Steam in early access
TRYP FPV: The Drone Race simulator releases on Steam in early access

TRYP FPV: The Drone Race Simulator is available on Steam now in early access.


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