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SuprDlux: An Interview With The FPV Samurai Pilot

Legend has it that he sleeps on a bed of propellers and that he learned to fly drones before he could talk. All we really knew for sure was that he goes by the name of SuprDlux, so we asked the Samurai Drone Pilot, aka Leader of the FPV ARMY for an interview to find out about life on the front lines of the FPV battlefields and beyond.

Check out SuprDlux’s most recent freestyle edit featuring Ummagawd:


How did you first get into FPV?

I was a lowly IT kid sitting at my desk and it popped up in one of my news feeds. I think it was the Blackout mini H had just come out, and I immediately went down the YouTube rabbit hole of FPV and quickly found out how prohibitively expensive it was for me at that time, so I quickly forgot about it. Fast forward to 2019 and I have a Mavic, and I start craving more, 6 months of research later and I’m putting my first homemade FPV quad in the air, props out!

What is it you like about FPV?

I’ve always wanted to be a fighter pilot in space, FPV gets me halfway there. I’ve always loved building, problem-solving, and fast-twitch gaming. FPV marries all of these concepts in the best way possible. There’s so many other hobbies that lead to FPV, you have to collect them, know them before you can get here, it’s like the pinnacle of hobbies. And, it goes deeper, as deep as you want to go.

How would you describe your flying style?

Wow, um….my style… It all just kinda happens in the moment. I believe anyone is capable of any style at any given time. But if I had to say something about my own style, I would say it’s heading towards a smoothish juicyish kinda bash style with a DGAF attitude “if I smash everything, you get to see it”

SuprDlux Samura Mask FPV Pilot Interview


Are there any tricks you’re currently working on?

Oh hell yeah, constantly drilling and building muscle memory! I always see room for self-improvement. Just yesterday I was practicing backwards dives, smooth orbits, and blind flicks.

What is your top FPV moment?

I’d say the first time I got a qwad in the air, that was a great high! Everything building up to that point was amazing, the amount of time and energy spent escalated the success of that moment. I’ll never get to feel that again!


What is the FPV army?


Do you name your drones?

Hahaha, yes, of course! Don’t you? I actually had 4 of them named after ninja turtles, like Dronatello and Leodronedoh.

SuprDlux Fennbot Art
Image Credit: Fennbot_FPV


Do you do any cinematic or racing?

I love cinematic a lot and I’m getting better at it, but there’s a lot of editing involved behind the curtains. Racing, yeah, I love racing with my friends, very informally though. I haven’t had the chance to compete in any formal events YET! but u know I would.

What are your hobbies and interests besides flying and leading the FPV army?

I am quite the collector of hobbies I’ve learned so here’s a brief list off the top of my head; Lego, Rocket League, Disc Golf, Plants, Shooting, Breeding crested geckos, Graffiti, Graphic Design, Linux, 3D printing, making music, Camping/Hiking, Chess, Photography, Building computers, etc.

Besides drones, if you were stranded on a desert island, what three things would you want with you?

Easy one. ChimmieChanga(my puppy), Rocket League, FAST Internet. Maybe a chair…. I guess you could make that outta sand, nevermind, I take it back, no chair.

Can we have a SuprDlux sticker?

U can have as many as u want as long as u share with the rest of the class 🙂 Seriously though, everyone send me their address, and I’ll send FREE stickers WORLDWIDE!

Any advice for people who want to get started with FPV?

OMG, I have pages and pages of advice for you. First, find me or an online FPV community and start asking questions, we have all been where you are. Next, buy the Tango 2 and a simulator. Start there. You’ve been drafted to the FPV Army! Welcome! <3


A big thanks to SuprDlux for taking the time to answer our questions. Follow him on YouTube and Instagram for more…




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