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RadioMaster ZORRO: Finally a Full-Feature Radio with Internal ExpressLRS

Update: RadioMaster has released an updated version of the Zorro radio, the Zorro Max with various design, performance, functionality, and compatibility improvements.

RadioMaster has released a gamepad-style controller, the RadioMaster ZORRO and it looks as though ExpressLRS users will be happy because there is finally a full-feature radio with ELRS built-in.

The RadioMaster ZORRO supports both OpenTX and EdgeTX operating systems and is available in four RF configurations – CC2500, SX1280 (ELRS), 4-in-1 and CCS2500+TBS (Masterfire Combo). RadioMaster also says that the radio is ergonomically designed for comfort.


Physically, the controller has a 128×64 monochrome LCD display with adjustable brightness, a metal roller, adjustable HALL gimbals, replaceable and/or upgradable rubber “non-slip” grips, and the ability to change between Mode 2 and Mode 1 without disassembling. It also features audio output, an SD-card slot, a DSC port and a USB-C port.

RadioMaster ZORRO

The RadioMaster ZORRO is powered by two 18350 batteries that fit in two separate compartments underneath the grips and supports an external 2S battery supply that can be fixed directly underneath the controller to be used as a reserve battery pack. The batteries are not included with the controller and will need to be purchased separately.

The antenna is foldable for the sake of keeping the radio compact and transportable when not in use. Accessories can be mounted on both sides as well as on top of the radio via the use of mounting screw holes.

RadioMaster ZORRO specs:

Zorro CC2500
Zorro 4in1
Zorro ELRS
Zorro ELRS Starter Set
Zorro CC2500 + TBS Nano Crossfire Combo

Dimensions170 x 159 x 108 mm
Weight350 grams
2.400GHz – 2.480GHz
Internal RF OptionsCC2500 Multiprotocol
4in1 Multiprotocol
CC2500 Multiprotocol

Supported ProtocolsModule Dependent
Module Dependent
ELRSELRSModule Dependent

RF PowerCC2500: 20dBm max
4in1: 20dBm max
TBA (CE and FCC version will be available)TBA (CE and FCC version will be available)
CC2500: 20dBm max

Antenna GainFolding 2db
6.6-8.4v DC
Control Distance/strong>>2km @ 20dbm
>2km @ 20dbm
TBATBA>2km @ 20dbm
OpenTX / EdgeTX compatible
Maximum 16 (Rx dependent)
Display128×64 monochrome LCD
Battery2 x 18350 (Not included)
ChargingBuilt in USB-C charging
GimbalHall effect
Module BayNano size (compatible with TBS Nano Crossfire / Nano Tracer / IRC Ghost)
Via USB or SD card (SD card not included)
Starter Set Includes-Zorro ELRS Radio Control
-2x EP1 Full Range 2.5ghs ELRS Receivers with T Antenna
-1x EP2 Compact 2.4ghz Receiver with Built in Antenna
– Zorro ELRS Radio Control
-TBS Nano Crossfire Module


RadioMaster ZORRO
RadioMaster ZORRO
RadioMaster ZORRO

The RadioMaster ZORRO won’t be the first radio with ExpressLRS built in – the BetaFPV LiteRadio 2 ELRS edition has that title – but it will be the first full-feature radio to make use of the increasingly popular open-source radio control link.

It’s also nice to see another gamepad style radio entering the market for pilots who prefer smaller ergonomic controllers, but don’t want to use the Tango 2 for whatever reason.

June 5th 2022 update: This controller has now been out for a few months. I have one myself (ELRS edition) and it is a very good controller, although I won’t write a full review as there are plenty out there already…But, the feedback and reviews from other users have been generally positive too.


RadioMaster Zorro Price

The CC2500 version costs $99.99, and the 4in1 and the ELRS versions cost $119.99.

Watch the promotional video…


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