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RadioMaster Zorro Max Radio: A Stylish & Versatile Upgrade

RadioMaster, a leading brand in the radio controller industry, has released the Zorro Max, an upgraded version of its popular Zorro Radio Controller. Known for its quality, innovation, and customer service, RadioMaster has designed the Zorro Max with FPV pilots in mind, offering improvements in design, performance, functionality, and compatibility.

Design Improvements

The Zorro Max features a sleek carbon fiber pattern body and custom anodized AG01 Full CNC Aluminium Hall Gimbals, available in four unique colour options: red, blue, gold, and black. Additionally, the Zorro Max includes upgraded leather grips for better comfort during FPV flights.

RadioMaster Zorro Max Radio Controller - Red
RadioMaster Zorro Max Radio Controller - Red
RadioMaster Zorro Max Radio Controller - Red


Performance Enhancements

While maintaining the same large LCD screen as the Zorro, the Zorro Max supports both OpenTX and EdgeTX operating systems. The controller offers internal RF options of 4-in-1 multi-protocol or ELRS and a folding 2db antenna. It also includes built-in USB-C charging and data port capabilities.

Added Functionality

The Zorro Max boasts additional controls and features, such as rear and top assignable push buttons, scroll wheels, headphone audio output, and external power source input. It also offers a nano-sized external RF module bay compatible with TBS Nano Crossfire, Nano Tracer, IRC Ghost, and other modules. The controller can switch between Mode 1 and Mode 2 without disassembly and has adjustable hall gimbals.

Compatibility and Accessories

Compatible with most receivers and protocols on the market, the upgraded radio can control up to 16 channels (Rx dependent) and supports RadioMaster’s RP1 and RP2 ExpressLRS nano receivers. It comes with a screen protector, USB-C cable, stickers, a manual, and optional accessories such as batteries and a carry case. The controller features a firmware upgrade method via USB or SD card and comes with EdgeTX firmware pre-installed.

Availability and Pricing


The Zorro Max is available for purchase on RadioMaster’s website or other online platforms for $219.99, with a one-year limited warranty. Buyers can choose between two versions (ELRS or 4-in-1) and two regions (FCC or LBT).

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