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Q&A with Micro Quad Developer Sub250gFPV (Phil Hunter)

As the hobby grows, there are more and more FPV builders designing and building multirotors that look and perform exceptionally well. There aren’t many builders, however, that are quite as consistent at churning out boundary-pushing builds like Sub250gFPV (aka Phil Hunter). Just a few scrolls through his Instagram page and your eyes are treated to a colourful array of extremely clean quads, many of them with comic book themes and references.

Q&A with micro quad developer Sub250gFPV (Phil Hunter) - Sub250g build

What’s most impressive though, is the fact that, as his pseudonym alludes to, all of Sub250gFPV’s builds are under 250grams – and fit neatly within the ever increasingly popular micro category of FPV quads. Here’s a featured build of his we posted a few months back – a 3-inch HD micro weighing just 88g all-up weight.

So, with the wordy introduction out of the way, let’s get to the point of this post – A Q&A with Sub250gFPV himself about his micro builds and FPV in general.


Some of the questions asked here were put forward by our social media followers, so thanks to them.

How and when did you first get into FPV?

I bought a Mavic Pro Drone and played around with that for 6 months until I crashed it into a tree and broke it ???? I then decided I needed something that was a little more robust ???? My first ever BNF Quad was a 5” Armattan Rooster Mini Quad, and I also bought an HGLRC XJB145 3” and a Diatone GT-R90 2”.

What was your first build?

My First build was an Eachine Wizard TS100 3” Frame with HGLRC Flame 1407 3600kv Motors, iFlight Stack and TBS Crossfire Nano RX.

What’s your favourite all-time build?


The next one I’m just about to build ???? But if pressed it would have to be My 3.5” Carnage Frame, T-Motor 1404 3800kv motors, Fettec 15a AIO with a Naked Caddx Vista.

Sub250gFPV 3.5inch Carnage frame
Sub250g Carnage quad micro

Freestyle, cinematic or racing?

I like to fly fast FreeStyle, and I also like to fly Sub250g Long Range (My best is 2.09 Miles – with an Analogue setup).

Do you have any other hobbies or interests aside from FPV/multirotors?


I love Sci-Fi Movies ???? before I became obsessed with FPV I played TitanFall 2 on the Xbox One 6-8 hours a day ????.

Who’s your favourite pilot to watch?

Andrew J Lawrence @andrewjlawrence who is filming for the BBC on programmes like The Green Planet is such an inspiration to me as an ambassador showing the very best of what our great hobby has to offer

What are the most important factors you consider when designing a new frame?

Light and strong ???? of course but also functional.

Sub250gFPV sub250g build quadcopter micro drone


What advice would you give to someone who wants to get started building sub250?

First, buy a set of electronic scales, plan you build and make a spreadsheet of the components you want to use including how much each item weighs.

Are there any future FPV building goals you have that you can talk about now? 

To fly 3 Miles + Long Range with DJI Digital HD while recording 4k Naked GoPro footage.

Sub250gFPV sub250g build quadcopter micro drone HD
Sub250gFPV sub250g build quadcopter micro drone long range

Who are your favourite FPV builders, other than yourself? 

AngryDonFPV ( I love the passion that he has for building Whoop style and small quads, always testing and looking to improve them and sharing his findings with others.

Any favourite FPV stores and/or makers?

TrueRC is an easy answer because they make the best Antennas in the FPV market especially Sub 250 Antennas, but when it comes to motors and electronics it’s hard to choose just one company, My favourite companies are – T-Motor, HGLRC, Gemfan, FPVCycle, iFlight and GepRC.

Some Sub250GFPV builds…

QA with micro quad developer Sub250gFPV Phil Hunter Sub250 build


QA with micro quad developer Sub250gFPV Phil Hunter Toothpick build
QA with micro quad developer Sub250gFPV Phil Hunter toohpick build 2
QA with micro quad developer Sub250gFPV Phil Hunter Sub250 build 3
QA with micro quad developer Sub250gFPV Phil Hunter Sub250 build 4

Thanks to Sub250gFPV for taking the time to answer our questions. For building inspiration and tips, or to be updated on when and where any of his frames become available to purchase, check out his social media pages…



Instagram –

YouTube –

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FaceBook – Phil Hunter

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