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PDEVX FPV: PiratFrames Hook V2 Freestyle

PDEVX is back with another hypnotising freestyle, this time flying a new PiratFrames Hook V2 build. Nice spot, vibrant autumn colours, and effortless flying. Look out for the trippy figure-8 and seamless combinations.

More info:

It’s finally here after months of tree smashing and concrete bashing, the new Hook V2 from PiratFrames. To me this frame strikes the perfect balance between durability, utility, and agility. I love the tight center of gravity that the toilet tank lipo orientation and short body provide. I’m excited to see the Hook V2 in the hands of pilots around the world.




  • Frame: PiratFrames Hook V2, PiratFrames Sloop V3
  • Motor: T-Motor F40 Pro IV 1950KV
  • FC: T-Motor F7 HD, T-Motor Velox F7
  • ESC: T-Motor Velox V2
  • Prop: Gemfan Hurricane 51433-3
  • Lipo: Tattu R-Line V4 1050mah 6S
  • Video: Caddx Nebula Pro, Runcam 1.8mm lens
  • RX: TBS Tracer Nano, TBS Crossfire Nano

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