Mobula6 HDZero – The World’s First HD BNF 65mm Whoop

Happymodel has done it yet again. After the recent and well-received Mobula7 HDZero 2-3S Whoop – the first-ever BNF 75mm whoop with HDZero built in – HappyModel have announced that they’ve teamed up with HDZero to release the world’s first BNF 65mm 1S brushless whoop, the Mobula6 HDZero.

If you’re new to the hobby, you may wonder why this is such a big deal – There are digital-capable multirotor drones in various sizes now, after all. But it wasn’t always like this.

Those who were flying whoops even just a couple of years ago will remember the possibility of having a tiny HD VTX streaming digital video directly to your goggles with little latency seeming a long time to come, if at all. Yet here we now are with a brushless bind-and-fly 65mm 1S combining all the lovable qualities of whoops with all the glorious advantages of a high-definition viewing experience.

The Mobula6 HDZero weighs just 23.5 grams without a battery, which is rather impressive considering digital comes with a large sacrifice of lightness. For comparison, the standard, non-digital Mobula6 weighs 20g without a battery.

Mobula6 HDZero - The World's First HD BNF 65mm Whoop
Mobula6 HDZero - The World's First HD BNF 65mm Whoop

HappyModel says they teamed up with HDZero and RunCam – who co-produced the onboard HDZero Nano camera – to make the Mobula6 HDZero after considering feedback from various whoop/FPV influencers such as Nick Burns, Nate Payne and Ryan Quellet.

Happymodel Mobula6 HDZero 1S Whoop parts:

Here’s a flight video from Happymodel using a 300mah battery in which they get three minutes of flight time – not bad for an HDZero 200mw 65mm whoop

Mobula6 HDZero price and availability

The Mobula6 HDZero 1S Whoop is available to preorder now from various vendors.

It costs $209.99 USD with free worldwide shipping at Makerfire and will ship out around mid-July.

It is available from Bangood for $196.00 USD with paid shipping to ship out around mid-July.

Here’s a Makerfire monthly coupon code to save some money if you decide to buy…

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Images from HappyModel.

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