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Interview with Gemfan International Representative: Mike / Ultron FPV

Federico, known as Mike, aka Ultron fpv, the Gemfan International representative, a husband and an fpv pilot. You may know him for his FPV skills or from his numerous Instagram and YouTube lives, but this time I had the opportunity to know more about the man, Federico.

As the call started I felt a bit nervous to finally meet him, (I am a Gemfan fan and I have always followed his Instagram lives and what Gemfan is up to), but I felt very comfortable very quickly when I realized how friendly and transparent Federico is. He was very calm and confident, signs that he was showing who he really is, a nice guy.

Now that I got to know him better I can say that everything from his video feed was shouting “Mike”: perfect light, Gemfan logo overlay, microphone, and his usual nice presence and attention to the aesthetics.


Who is Mike or Ultron Fpv? Where does he come from? where does he live? What about his work ethic? And how did he first meet the Gemfan Big boss, how did it all start?
I asked all of these questions but the answers were telling me much more…
Plot twists and stories were erupting like a volcano spitting lava on a drone trying to get a glimpse at the core…and I was filled with curiosity…

But that’s enough spoilers, enjoy the first part of the interview, and get ready for the second part coming soon!

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Gnosis FPV

I am a freestyle and cinematic fpv pilot studying physics and mathematics in London. I have a passion for 3d modelling and animations, robotics and everything space-related.

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