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Fenix FPV: No Limits freestyle

Hold on to your hats folks because you’re about to go on a wild ride with this absolute gem from Fenix FPV (aka Pabloflor FPV). The 18-year-old racing and freestyle pilot makes a visit to a spot that some of you may recognize, and proceeds to weave, loop and flow through a multitude of gaps in yet another spectacular bando proximity freestyle.

More info:

Many of you will recognize this spot as it was made popular by Charpu in his video “Left behind” with over 2M views???? Charpu inspired me to get into racing drones, and flying in, arguably, his own spot was an amazing experience Also I have totally stolen the song from my favourite leDrib video to make this edit even more special and I am very proud with the result!! I hope you enjoy it!! – Fenix FPV

Fenix FPV



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