Ellis Van Jason: Dolomites Cinematic FPV

Mountain surfing the epic Dolomites – in 4K.

Cinematic FPV pilot Elis van Jason with another masterful edit, this time exhibiting the incredibly awe-inspiring Dolomites (Pale Mountains) in Italy. Stunning shots – and all in glorius 4k goodness.

More info:

Was this video shot on a Red or GoPro9? πŸ™‚ I hope with this video I can convince you that this little camera together with the right conditions can produce high quality footage which also looks nice on a bigger screen. After my trip to Venezuela I visited the Dolomites with my friend Julian and besides the challenging weather we got some nice and cinematic conditions. I wanted to show the Dolomites from a new perspective and hope you enjoy it! If you have recommendations for other unique locations, I would love to hear your ideas.

Ellis Van Jason

Ellis Van Jason



Ben Evans

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