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DJI Avata leak: Is DJI About to Release an FPV Cinewhoop?

After the success of the DJI FPV Drone which launched last year, it seems that DJI is ready to release a new FPV drone named the DJI Avata that, if the rumours are to be trusted, will be a Cinewhoop launching this summer.

With the increasing popularity of cinematic shots taken by drones, the DJI Avata appears to be the Chinese drone powerhouse’s attempt to obtain its share of the expanding cinewhoop market. While their first FPV drone was built with the purpose of shooting outdoor video, the DJI Avata will be a lightweight, ducted drone capable of flying indoors, fitting through smaller gaps and capturing more precise shots.

The DJI Avata’s leakers are OsitaLV and DealsDrone who are both known for previous DJI-related leaks which turned out to be true, including the DJI FPV drone and the DJI Action 2 camera.

DealsDrone shared these DJI Avata highlights and concept images:


  • Avata is compact and weighs about 500g
  • Can fly indoors
  • The photo quality is much better (guess that the Mini 3 Pro is the same)
  • Greatly improved battery life
  • Manual mode is not supported
  • Head chase mode
  • Vibration function
  • Touchpad for glasses menu
  • Glasses can connect to phone

The images appear to be concept images showing what the DJI Avata might look like. There is no confirmation that this is what the final producst will look like.

DJI Avata leak Is DJI about to release an FPV Cinewhoop 2
dji avata cinewhoop fpv drone leak

The rumours were also backed up by OsitaLV who Tweeted this screenshot showing the DJI Avata model number ‘WM169’ (the original DJI FPV drone is WM170) amongst other DJI model numbers.

DJI Avata release date and price


DealsDrone suggest the drone might make an appearance this summer between July and August. There is no information on the DJI Avata price just yet.

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