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DiGi FPV: Back to My Habits FPV Summer Intro Edit

Sixteen-year-old French pilot DiGi FPV with a summer freestyle “intro edit’ in glorious 4K. This is one of the best freestyle edits we have seen and does an amazing job of promoting FPV as well as DiGi’s freestyle skills.

A compilation of different spots, B-roll intro and outro, superb video quality with colours that pop, a good background song, and of course top freestyle Sbang piloting. This is what FPV freestyle needs. And DiGI FPV says he plans to release more edits like this in future.

Nice meme

More info

What’s up boys and girls ! Here is my « intro edit » of this summer to show you a bit how it’s gonna look like ! I should be at Pika FPV’s house next month with Black Bird FPV, Alexandre FPV and some other friends to do sick freestyle in some cool places ! Anyway can’t wait to share that with you !

– DiGi FPV



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