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BetaFPV Pavo25 2.5 Inch Cinewhoop – First Look

Micro 2.5-inch cinewhoops are gaining in popularity, and with good reason – they’re compact and lightweight quads capable of flying both indoors and outdoors, and through small gaps, with just enough power for carrying an HD action camera for high-quality video capture.

BetaFPV is the latest maker to put forward a micro cinewhoop, the BetaFPV Pavo25. This is a first look at the new ducted, pusher cinewhoop with details provided by BetaFPV. This is not a review as I have not tested it myself yet.

BetaFPV Pavo25 2.5-inch cinewhoop features

BetaFPV says the new Pavo25 Frame has a simple design with an integrated outer ring. It is made of sturdy PA12 injection moulding material, and includes EVA sponge protection strips on the corners for added protection,


The cinewhoop is designed to be structurally strong, lightweight and compact, and is easy to assemble and disassemble with just six screws. It is versatile, capable of both indoor and outdoor flights and can perform some basic freestyle manoeuvres – and can carry an HD action camera such as a naked GoPro, SMO4K, DJI Action2 or Insta360.

Pavo25 cinewhoop - betafpv

The analogue version comes with Caddx Baby Ratel2 + A03 400mw, while the digital version comes equipped with a Caddx Nebula Pro Nano Vista Kit. The USB port is located on top of the cinewhoop for ease of access.

BetaFPV says that the Pavo25 is designed so that a battery can be moved back and secured with another strap when carrying an HD action camera to balance out the centre of gravity.

The carbon fibre top plate is 2.5mm thick and the HD action camera mount print sits directly on top. At the back of the cinewhoop, there are LEDs encased in a TPU mount. These LEDs feature several modes that can be altered in Betaflight Configurator.

The Pavo25 frame features an aluminium alloy CNC Vista Adapter for flight controllers that can be installed at 0° to 45°. This adaptor can safely house the flight controller and video transmitter within the frame. Analogue video transmitters with 20*20 mounting can be used in conjunction with 25.5*25.5 flight controllers, and the frame’s design should help keep the Vtx cool.



BetaFPV Pavo25 2.5-inch Cinewhoop with SMO4K Camera
BetaFPV Pavo25 - 2.5 Inch Cinewhoop - First Look

BetaFPV Pavo25 2.5-inch Cinewhoop Parts and Specs

  • Weight: Digital 153.3g / Analog 140g
  • Wheelbase: 108mm
  • Motor: 1404 | 4500kv 4s (Black)
  • Battery Connector: XT30
  • Props: Gemfan D63-3B (Gray)
  • Flight Controller: F405 AIO 20A Toothpick V4 BMI270
  • VTX: Caddx Vista Kit (Digital) / A03 400mw (Analog)
  • FPV Camera: Nebula Pro Nano (Digital) / Caddx Baby Ratel2 (Analog)
  • Camera Adjustable Angle: 0-50°
  • Receiver Versions: PNP, ELRS 2.4G, TBS
  • Recommend Battery: 4S 750mAH ~ 4S 850mAH
  • Recommend Mounted Camera: SMO4K – DJI Action 2
  • Flight Time: 7 minutes without a camera – 5 minutes with a camera (approximately)

Price and availability

The Pavo25 is available from BetaFPV and the price varies depending on the version and receiver.


With HD digital VTX the Pavo25 costs $349.99 without a receiver, $359.99 with an ELRS receiver and $384.99 with a TBS receiver.

With an Analogue VTX, the Pavo25 costs $224.99 without a receiver, $234.99 with an ELRS receiver and $259.99 with a TBS receiver.

The Pavo25 frame kit is also available for $31.99.


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Images from BetaFPV.

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