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23 Popular FPV Freestyle Tricks | Rotor Riot’s Tricktionary

Video by Rotor Riot


If you’re an FPV drone enthusiast or even a beginner looking to step up your game, you’ll absolutely love this comprehensive video guide by Rotor Riot, showcasing some of the most popular and iconic FPV freestyle tricks and moves.

In this action-packed video, Joshua Bardwell (FPV Knowitall), Drew Camden (Le Drib), and Alex Vanouver (CaptainVanover) take you on a thrilling journey through the world of FPV drone freestyle. From naming and explaining each move to showcasing top FPV pilots demonstrating them, this video is a treasure trove of knowledge and entertainment.

Whether you’re just starting out in the FPV scene or have been flying for years, you’re sure to find something new and exciting in this video. Even if you’re only looking for the names of those awe-inspiring tricks you’ve seen online, Rotor Riot has got you covered.

Below is a list of the featured FPV freestyle tricks along with their timestamps.

FPV Freestyle Tricks

The Basic FPV Tricks

  • 0:51 – Roll / Barrel Roll: An essential move for any pilot
  • 1:02 – Flip / Loop: Master the art of flipping and looping
  • 1:20 – Yaw Spin: A quick spin around the yaw axis


Open Air FPV Tricks

  • 2:10 – Rubik’s Cube: A flashy combination of spins and flips
  • 2:27 – Inverted Yaw Spin: A topsy-turvy twist on the classic yaw spin
  • 2:54 – Juicy Flick: A smooth and stylish flick maneuver
  • 3:35 – Stall: Hover in place for a dramatic pause
  • 4:08 – Throwback: A daring backward move to impress onlookers
  • 5:00 – Vanny Roll: A unique roll with a twist

Object-Based FPV Tricks

  • 6:00 – Gaps: Navigate tight spaces with precision
  • 6:22 – Knife Edge: Cut through the air with this sharp move
  • 6:40 – Power Loop: Loop around obstacles with style
  • 6:56 – Orbits: Circle objects like a pro
  • 7:30 – Split-S: Split the difference with this advanced move
  • 8:40 – Immelmann: A classic aerial combat maneuver
  • 9:11 – Matty Flip: An inverted flip with a twist
  • 9:46 – Trippy Spin: A dizzying spin around an object
  • 10:21 – Dives: Dive into the action headfirst
  • 11:12 – Wall Ride: Ride the walls like a skateboarder
  • 11:50 – Backward Dive: A daring dive in reverse
  • 12:34 – Wall Bonk: A playful bump off an obstacle
  • 13:23 – Slides/Grinds: Get your skater vibes on with these moves
  • 14:41 – Perches: Land and perch like a pro

The Rotor Riot video guide to FPV freestyle tricks is a must-watch for any drone pilot looking to up their game. So, strap on your goggles, grab your controller, and get ready to take your FPV skills to new heights!


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